What Will Phase 1 and 2 of COVID Reopening Be Like for Seniors?

As Florida begins to experience COVID reopening, the goal remains to keep everyone safe and avoid a second outbreak.

Many wonder what the phases what this means for senior safety, as well as those with ongoing health issues such as:

The short answer is, for at-risk individuals “safer at home” should remain the norm, during the first two phases of re-opening and possibly even phase three.

The plan is focused and thoughtful, offering three phases created with the goal of allowing America to return to normal while keeping everyone safe. Government and community leaders have difficult decisions ahead as they continue their efforts to flatten the curve of infection while allowing the economy to reopen. Phase one re-openings have begun and senior adults must remain cautious to avoid infection. When the need to go out arises, everyone should continue to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Let’s explore what we can expect the phases to look like, especially for senior safety and other high-risk individuals as the country returns to “normal.”

The Three-Phase Plan 

Nurse Home Care COVID-19 Seniors Broward County

Each of the recommended phases will be implemented with their own sets of restrictions, which will gradually be decreased. Restaurants, small businesses, schools, and other organizations will begin reopening as hospitals resume elective procedures.

Visitation for senior living facilities will likely come in the final phase of re-opening to ensure the protection of senior family members continues as a top priority. Across the board, re-opening comes with the understanding that everyone will continue to do their part, exercising appropriate hygiene and remaining at home when they are sick or experiencing symptoms. Upholding the precautions in place since the pandemic began are key to avoid additional outbreaks in the future.

The Reopening – Phase One and Phase Two

In Florida, phase one included the re-opening of most state parks, beaches as well as the return of elective surgeries. It also allowed restaurants and retailers to open with new guidelines in place. Schools will complete the school year with virtual learning, and senior living facilities will remain “closed” to visitors.

What safety guidelines will remain in phase two?

In phase two, the following recommended safety guidelines remain in place, especially for senior adults and those who are considered at higher risk for COVID-19 infection.

  • Those over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions should remain vigilant in following stay-at-home recommendations, continue to shelter-in-place and avoid contact with those who may be asymptomatic or infected, limiting their exposure to the coronavirus.
  • Businesses owners have been asked to accommodate those considered high-risk for infection, permitting and even encouraging telecommuting when possible.
  • Visits with family and friends, shopping, and dining out should continue to be limited for those at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • When going out, those most vulnerable should wear masks and wash hands frequently, using hand sanitizer when washing is not accessible.
  • While out, maintain social distancing guidelines (6 feet) and avoid touching the face until after washing or sanitizing hands.


The Final Phase – Phase Three for Seniors 

Even at the final phase, seniors and other high-risk individuals should continue to follow CDC recommended precautions, social distance, wear masks while out, and limit contact with others.

Need Help Navigating the Re-opening Phases of Coronavirus? 

COVID-19 Reopening Seniors in Broward County

At Nursing Plus of Broward, we are ready to help seniors adjust to the changes of re-opening and staying safe in the process. Our expert and caring team’s priority is senior safety and keeping seniors and happy in the comfort of their own homes. Our team includes:

In addition, our services allow family members to take well-deserved breaks, knowing their loved ones are safe and well-cared for. Our medical professionals and health experts can answer any questions you may have and guide you in making crucial decisions regarding senior care during this time change.

Contact Nursing Plus of Broward, provider of senior care in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding communities, to learn more.

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