How Nursing Plus of Broward Can Help Patients With and Without COVID-19

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Miami-Dade is closing down non-essential businesses starting this week, and we might see Broward, Margate and West Palm follow behind shortly. Senior adults as well as those with chronic health conditions continue to be at greater risk. For this reason, they are still being encouraged to stay at home where they can receive home health care services if needed.

Seniors and others at risk must remain vigilant to avoid the sometimes-deadly coronavirus, which means continued social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and avoiding large gatherings. Learn more about how Nursing Plus of Broward can safely provide home health care services for your loved one with or without COVID-19.


An Increased Need for Home Care


Because those over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions are encouraged to continue following stay-at-home recommendations,  the need for home health services continues to rise. Those infected with COVID-19 who do not need hospitalization, need in-home skilled nursing care, as do those who remain uninfected but need the additional help delivered by skilled nurses, home caregivers, and home health aides.


As the news media continues to report the problems in nursing homes around the country,  seniors and their loved ones are seeking to avoid making a move to nursing care facilities. Even individuals who have underlying medical conditions are trying to avoid trips to hospitals and doctors’ offices in an effort to avoid infection. Each of these scenarios means more people, those with and without COVID-19 need home health care to remain healthy and independent. Plus, the expansion of home health care services can help decrease the stress on the healthcare system because of the pandemic.


How Nursing Plus of Broward Can Help 


How Nursing Plus of Broward Can Help Patients With and Without COVID-19

Individuals in Broward County can get the home health care they need from Nursing Plus of Broward where the caring professionals boast more than 30 years of experience. At Nursing Plus of Broward, you will find a healthcare team who provides the care needed in the comfort of your loved one’s home:



Offering essential services before, during, and when the pandemic is over, the Nursing Plus team understands the need to limit exposure successfully.

How can home health care reduce the risk of exposure?

Our home healthcare workers are equipped with recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) and are COVID-19 tested as needed. We know the quality of patient care depends on the quality of the caregivers and we are the accredited, certified home health provider you can trust to meet you and your loved one’s needs.


Here’s how we can help both patients with COVID-19 and those without:

  • Communicate – Our RNs can assist in facilitating face to face encounters with physicians and their patients by going into patients’ homes and assisting with virtual Facetime visits.
  • Assess – They can also assess patients’ lung sounds, as well as oxygen saturation, and breathing.
  • Educate – Following a virtual visit with a physician, our RNs can educate patients on breathing techniques, as well as the management and use of a side arm nebulizer (SAN).
  • Administer – They can administer IVs as needed, provide subcutaneous injections, and more.


Our nurses come into the home equipped to provide hospital care to you or your loved one, keeping you or your loved one safe from having to travel outside the home and risk exposure to COVID-19. The RNs and LPNs of Nursing Plus of Broward are ready to help your loved one with long or short term care related to chronic conditions, illness, or injury, as well as rehabilitation following a surgery or an acute medical condition like the Coronavirus.


Get the Help Your Loved One Needs for COVID-19


At Nursing Plus of Broward, we are ready to help seniors and those high-risk individuals who have COVID-19 as well as those who remain uninfected but need care. Our expert, caring healthcare team’s priority is to help seniors stay safe, happy, and independent in their own homes.


Our home health care services afford family members well-deserved breaks, with the peace of knowing their loved ones are safe and well-cared for. Our healthcare professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you in making vital decisions regarding care for your loved ones.

For home health services in Sunrise, FL or any of the surrounding communities, contact us today!



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Am I eligible for home healthcare?

Find out if you meet the criteria for home healthcare. We’ll work with your insurance provider to obtain any and all services available under your plan.

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