Safety Tips for Seniors this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and with it comes along family gatherings. Whether you or you loved one will spend the holidays at a family member’s home or in your own home, it’s important to set a safe and stress-free environment for your aging parent or other loved ones. Our compassionate team at Nursing Plus of Broward share their holiday safety tips for seniors to ensure everyone enjoys the holidays.

  1. Decorations

In your or your loved ones’ home:

  • Steer away from decorations that will create clutter and make sure you or your loved one have space to walk around the house.
  • Keep extension cords untangled and wrapped in a safe place to avoid any trips and falls.
  • Stick to basic decorations and avoid any made of flammable materials. This also means you should remove candles, replacing them with battery powered candles.
  1. Cooking

Although you or your loved one may love to participate in the traditional holiday cooking activities, it’s important to:

  • Not go overboard and follow all special dietary needs, if any.
  • Have your home health aide or family member prep healthy meals.
  • Not ask them to move any hot or steaming pots/platters.
  1. Lighting

During the holidays, flashing, colorful, or dimmed lights are used to get everyone in the holiday spirit. However, one should remember to follow safe lighting tips to avoid any accidents:

  • Ensure all areas of the home are lit to avoid any falls. Flashing or colorful lights might disorient your or your loved one, making it difficult to walk from one room to another.
  • Night lights in your or your loved ones’ bedroom and closest bathroom will prevent any falls from happening.
  1. Floor Safety

Holiday decorations, inaccessible walkways, and other factors can cause falls around the house during the holidays so remember to:

  • Rearrange furniture for walker, wheelchair, and cane users.
  • Remove difficult to walk-on rugs and consider putting non-slip rugs around the house.
  • Clear all walkways and if children are present, make sure to keep toys and other clutter in a safe place.
  • Stay on top of any water on the kitchen or bathroom floor to avoid any slips and falls.
  1. Check for Accessible Chairs

Typically holiday parties bring a crowd, so you or your loved one might want to find a comfy chair to use at the dinner table or living room. You might want to consider:

  • Adding extra cushion to you or your loved ones chair for support and comfort.
  • Sitting in a chair with arms for something to grab on when trying to get up.


Contact Nursing Plus of Broward During the Holidays

During the holidays, if you or your loved one need in-home care, contact Nursing Plus of Broward, experts in home care in Coral Springs, FL and the nearby areas, to learn how we can help implement these safety tips for seniors. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality home-based patient care to all seniors during the holiday season and all year long in 2020!

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