STUDY: Half of Medicare Patients Do Not Receive Recommended Health Care After Hospitalization

A recent study published by the JAMA Network indicated that over 50% of Medicare patients who were referred to home health care did not get the health care recommended after hospitalization.


The study focused on patients across the United States that had been hospitalized and, upon discharge, were referred to home health care services for recommended care needed for a successful recovery. In addition, the study explored the varied rates at which the necessary home health care was provided. The study, entitled “ Assessment of Receipt of the First Home Health Care Visit After Hospital Discharge Among Older Adults,” was led by Jun Li, PhD, assistant professor, Public Administration and International Affairs at Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Dr. Li is also a faculty associate at the Aging Studies Institute and a faculty affiliate at the Center for Aging and Policy Studies.


The study found that only 54 percent of Medicare patients who were referred to home health care services after hospitalization received the needed care. Minorities and those residing in disadvantaged neighborhoods received home health care at even lower rates.


For Medicare patients such as senior adults and those with chronic health conditions, the services of home health care following hospital stays are critical towards maintaining independence and successful recovery from illness or injury. Access to reliable and quality home health care ensures a patient’s well-being as well as peace of mind for themselves and their families.


The study concluded in spite of the advantages of home health care, only just over half of Medicare patients discharged from the hospital receive it, putting a vulnerable population at greater risk. As a result of these findings, the research team that published the study recommends that policymakers institute a system which ensures patients to whom home health care has been recommended by their physicians receive the needed care.


The Importance of Home Health Care for Recovery Following Hospitalization


home health care visits are important for recently discharged medicare patients


Medicare patients who have been hospitalized and subsequently discharged with the recommendation of home health care services can count on the team at Nursing Plus of Broward to help them recover while maintaining their independence. Home health care remains increasingly important for patient care, particularly in the time of a pandemic. The study described above focused on roughly 2.5 million individuals discharged with a home health care referral, which ultimately resulted in nearly half never receiving the recommended care that would have been crucial to their recovery.

How can Nursing Plus of Broward help?

At Nursing Plus of Broward, the team ensures Medicare patients who are discharged from hospitals with referrals for home health care get the quality care and regular visits they need. Nursing Plus of Broward is a Medicare-certified home health care company that delivers all the benefits of home health care as needed, including physician house calls. With quality home health care, the likelihood for a needed readmission to the hospital decreases along with the need for those with chronic conditions to seek out hospital treatment. Additionally, proper home health care can help shorten hospital stays that do need to occur.


Nursing Plus of Broward delivers the needed access to in-home medical care and support that many seniors want, particularly those that value their independence. Nursing Plus of Broward provides necessary follow-up visits after hospitalization as well as assessment, treatment, and management of chronic illnesses among Medicare patients. In addition, our home health care services help patients stay safer at home during a time where sheltering in place remains critical to protecting those with aging or compromised immune systems.


The caring and professional staff at Nursing Plus of Broward, providers of home care assistance in Fort Lauderdale and the nearby areas, can help Medicare patients—including senior adults and the chronically ill—successfully recover from an injury or illness that previously required hospitalization. The Nursing Plus of Broward team includes a trained team of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), therapists, home health aides, medical social workers, and physicians available for house calls as needed.

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