What do Medical Social Workers Do?

Our Medical Social Workers help find solutions for older adults and families that address the personal, social, and environmental challenges that come with aging. Working with you, your family, and your health care providers, experienced Medical Social Workers will liaise and help in the coordination required to meet seniors’ long term care needs and maintain independence.

Our Social Workers may be able to help with financial issues, obtaining community resources, social problems, and help navigate through the challenges of health care.

Whether your loved one is living with you, in their own home, or far away, the bond and concern you feel for them remains intact. That’s why our Medical Social Workers are knowledgeable in both community and governmental resources that may be able to help you or your loved one overcome obstacles in-home, with mental health and wellness, transportation, and other needed outside services.

Financial and Resource Assistance

Navigating complicated governmental programs along with finding community and nonprofit assistance for your loved one is a daunting challenge. We can help seniors navigate complicated government programs that they may not realize are out there and able to aid them. Our Medical Social Workers are familiar with many avenues of assistance throughout Broward County.

Whether it is satisfying the requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or the Veterans Administration, Nursing Plus of Broward’s Medical Social Workers can guide your loved one and your family through the specific regulations and necessary forms.


One of the most important aspects of the Medical Social Worker is to be an advocate for your loved one and to help him or her obtain health services and financial assistance.

Cognitive Issues Assessed

When your family or your loved one’s medical caregivers find that medications are sometimes forgotten or their general quality of life has changed enough to be of concern, a cognitive assessment is often of help. These assessments are often performed by Medical Social Workers. They check for depression as well as some physical underlying cause of the issue in question, one of which might be signs of dementia. These can form the basis for a care plan, including medication, that can improve your symptoms and delay the progress of the underlying cause.

Our Medical Social Workers have many tools available to them to determine potential underlying problems and may perform non invasive neurodiagnostic tests if needed. For example, the 15- or 30-point Geriatric Depression Scale is used to rule out depression that can mimic dementia symptoms.


Many Social Workers in senior care will offer counseling services on difficult subjects which go hand-in-hand with aging such as end-of-life issues or losing someone you love. Our Medical Social Workers are experienced with counseling those coping with physical limitations, bereavement, or feelings of loneliness with a compassionate understanding and guidance.

Long-term Planning

We are here to answer any questions or concerns your loved one may have about how to accomplish long-term objectives or how to handle any changes in health or finances.

We aim to reduce the burden of dealing with a variety of issues facing the elderly. Assuring your dignity and quality of life is integral to our focus. This is why we take the time to plan this with you directly (and your family, if you’d like).

Our Medical Social Workers are able to appreciate and understand the needs of you and your family. When long-distance caregiving becomes unmanageable for your family, we’ll be your eyes and ears. We hear your concerns and your loved one’s concerns and can be an advocate for a better quality of life.

Call Nursing Plus of Broward at 833-JFNURSE to get started with our senior medical social worker services today!

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