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Having a physician visit you at home may seem like a practice of long ago, but house calls are making a comeback through Medicare. Doctor house calls allow you to retain your independence at home while ensuring you have access to the quality care you need.

As a Medicare-certified home health care company, Nursing Plus of Broward is pleased to assist you in scheduling physician house calls in Fort Lauderdale, FL or the surrounding areas for qualifying Medicare patients.

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Physician House Call Services

Benefits of a Physician House Call

House calls have been shown through several studies to not only reduce costs for Medicare but offer improved care and lower costs for you or your loved one. Regular physician visits can:

  • Decrease hospital services for chronic care conditions
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Reduce lengths of stay in the hospital
  • Reduce long-term care facility stays

It’s estimated that 2 million Medicare recipients over 65 are homebound, many of whom live with serious chronic health conditions and functional impairments that make it challenging to see a physician. An additional 1 million Medicare patients are considered home-limited.

Without access to medical care in the home, many patients delay seeing a doctor until their conditions worsen, forcing them to use emergency rooms and increasing their chance of being admitted to a hospital. Having a physician visit you at home can be a solution to receiving high-quality care in your home to not only retain independence but also support and maintain your health.

At Nursing Plus of Broward, we have seen that having a physician visit you at home is an effective and safe way to treat patients who face challenges in being seen in a traditional physician’s office.

Physician House Call

Types of Physician House Calls

There are many reasons to arrange for a physician to see you or a loved one in the home. Nursing Plus of Broward offers physician house calls in Fort Lauderdale, FL & surrounding areas for:

  • Follow-up after hospitalization
  • Chronic illness management for patients who are homebound
  • Acute illness assessment and treatment

For patients who are frail and homebound, a house call can help delay or avoid admission to a hospital or care facility and preserve the patient’s ability to remain at home.

If you or a loved one have original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan and struggle to see a physician in a traditional setting, contact Nursing Plus of Broward. In most cases, we can arrange for a doctor to visit you at home.

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Find out if you meet the criteria for home healthcare. We’ll work with your insurance provider to obtain any and all services available under your plan.

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