Our Skilled Nursing Care brings both dedicated professionalism and a compassionate attentiveness to treat each patient’s unique needs in an environment that is comfortable and familiar. Your loved one deserves to live with dignity in the comfort of their home, even if they require Skilled Nursing Care.

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Our Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) come to your home to provide hospital-level care to your loved one. As a result, your loved one and your family are spared the necessity of leaving home for simple or complex clinical care needs. Here are some of the Skilled Nursing solutions we provide:

  • Long-term (illness, injury, or chronic condition)
  • Short-term (illness, injury or chronic condition)
  • Concentrated Rehabilitation (recovering from a surgical procedure or acute medical condition)

Our senior Skilled Nursing services offer your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have our Registered Nurses’ undivided, attentive care while monitoring your loved one’s medical needs. We are here to assist your loved one, your family members, and other caregivers, as well as provide the tools and training needed to help your loved one live a better quality of life in the comfort of their home. Contact us online or call us at 833-JFNURSE to learn more about our skilled nursing care, how to get the best caregiver in Hollywoord, FL, and more options for home care in surrounding communities throughout Broward County.

Skilled Nursing Care Services

In-Home Hospital Level Care

Whether your loved one is recovering from surgery or managing a medical condition, in-home Skilled Nursing Care allows them to concentrate their energy on achieving the best medical results possible. Eliminating the fatigue and discomfort that comes with getting to the hospital and back can be a welcome relief to everyone. Hospital stays can be shortened and with proper monitoring and care can sometimes be eliminated altogether.

Our expert care team of RNs and LPNs work to improve your loved one’s quality of life and prevent unwanted hospital visits on his or her road to recovery and in daily life.

Nursing Plus of Broward Provides a Full Continuum of In-Home Nursing

  • Disease management (Alzheimer’s, COPD, Parkinson’s)
  • Medication management, teaching, and administration
  • Illness assessment and instruction
  • Short-term medical conditions
  • Post-surgical management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Joint replacements
  • Stroke or Cardiac Recovery
  • Administration and maintenance of catheters
  • Wound Care
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
  • Bathing and personal care assistance
  • Assessments at each visit on your condition and risk for going to the hospital
  • Ability to measure blood pressure, pulse, respiration, lung sounds or pulse oximetry, as ordered by your doctor

In-Home Nursing: A Safer and Better Quality of Life

Our In-Home Nurses evaluate your loved one’s condition during each visit and work hands-on with their physician to develop a goal-driven treatment plan.

An integral part of any treatment goal is the consistency in administering prescribed medications and treatment regimens. Our Licensed Nurses work hard to treat and to teach your loved one, along with your family, how to perform necessary medical tasks between visits. We assess your loved one’s state of health during each visit and determine if there is any need to seek medical care from a physician.

We do this by checking your vital signs—blood pressure, pulse, respiration, general outward physical signs, etc.—as well as any blood tests or examinations prescribed by your doctor. Beyond their qualifications and training, our nurses are trained to listen carefully and attentively to patients’ reports on any changes in health, pain management, medicinal side effects, etc. The Nursing Plus of Broward team is committed to treating your loved ones with the same dedication and respect they would show their own family.

Skilled Nursing & Post-Surgical Home Care

We believe the home is the best place to heal. The administration of post-surgical care by Skilled Nurses is imperative in preventing infection or injury. The proper dressing of the surgical site and instruction on how to avoid injury or infection work to minimize pain and discomfort. The goal is a relapse-free recovery, and the communication between the doctor, the Skilled Nurse, and the patient is crucial. We believe each member of your community of care— be it your loved one’s doctor, Skilled Nurse, your family or another caregiver – should work as a team to benefit the health and wellbeing of your loved one during the recovery process.

Pain Management

Pain management is an integral part of your loved one’s quality of life and overall health, whether it is from a chronic condition or related to a recent injury or surgery. Living with pain affects appetite, disturbs sleep, and can weigh on both physical and emotional strength. It also can have the unintended consequences of addiction without the proper monitoring and care. Proven protocols and caring observation of your loved one’s pain management needs can give them the necessary relief they are looking for according to the doctors’ recommendations. Making you as comfortable as possible as safely as possible is our goal.

Daily Living Assistance

At Nursing Plus of Broward, our home-based model of care provides full patient oversight. Depending on the patient’s needs, this includes clinical and environmental assessments, supervision of our RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, and comprehensive case management to make sure you and your loved ones receive the highest quality of care.

Our hands-on team will work with you and your physician to develop a plan of care that meets your needs and goals.

In-Home Nursing for Managing a Medical Condition

Managing a medical condition with Skilled Nursing Care helps to enhance the quality of life for those who have recently suffered from, or are living with, a medical condition. Our Skilled Nurses help with a wide range of medical conditions, such as:

  • Cardiac Conditions

    A cardiac condition, such as congestive heart failure, requires attentive monitoring and management.

    Tracking all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and additional supplements is essential to ensure the health, comfort, and pain management of your loved one as well as to avoid negative interactions. Our Nurses will advise your loved one on their proper medications prescribed along with the recommended dietary regimen. Based on the patient’s unique needs, our Nurses will provide a plan of care that meets their needs for their cardiac conditions and any other health conditions they have.

  • Pulmonary Disease

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other pulmonary problems.

    When simply breathing can be difficult for your loved one, in-home Skilled Nursing Care can assess and educate on factors that may contribute to shortness of breath and labored breathing, especially with someone dealing with COPD, emphysema, or other lung diseases. The proper maintenance of any breathing apparatus is vital in preventing equipment-based pulmonary infections and improve the quality of life of your loved one.

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes can be successfully managed with proper care and instruction.

    From establishing a healthy lifestyle to managing blood sugar and insulin levels, living with Diabetes is challenging. Nursing Plus of Broward offers a solution to lessen the impact of Diabetes on your loved one’s health and well-being with the assistance from our RNs and LPNs right at home.

    Diabetic patients who may benefit from our home care are those with frequent hospital admissions, multiple new medications, diabetic wounds or ulcers, or any other medical conditions or disease that may arise as a complication of Diabetes. Nursing Plus Nurses will assist and educate on monitoring the effect of Diabetes medications on your loved one’s blood sugar levels as well as ensure there aren’t any interactions/side effects that should be communicated to their physician.

    In addition to the diabetic management support and assistance provided by our Skilled Nurses, we’ll train your loved one and your family how to check glucose levels, how to recognize potential problems that need to be reported to their physicians and how to judge if they are reaching overall treatment goals. With close monitoring by our Nurses and any training provided to your family, we can prevent more serious complications and improve your loved one’s quality of life.

  • Catheter care

    Catheter care is both administered and taught.

    Genitourinary conditions require attentive and adept management. Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of catheters is that the equipment can sometimes allow bacteria to enter the body, causing infections in the urethra, bladder or, less commonly, the kidneys. Nursing Plus of Broward RNs and LPNs will not only instruct on how to keep systems free of bacteria but also will advise on ways to keep the catheter comfortably in place for your loved one.

Getting Started

Picking a plan that is right for you.

All skilled care requires a physician’s order. Our friendly staff will reach out to your physician for you to obtain that order. Once we have the required documentation, our Registered Nurse will conduct an in-depth assessment carefully taking into account the patient’s conditions, needs, personality, and home environment. We’ll then create an individualized plan of care catered to the unique physical and emotional needs of the patient and their family. The flexibility of our plans combined with the continual oversight by our nursing staff enables us to quickly modify a patient’s plan of care as their needs evolve.

From the moment you call, we strive to create the plan not only suited to health needs and insurance coverage, but one that improves health and enhances the quality of life of our seniors.

Call Nursing Plus of Broward at 833-JFNURSE to get started with our skilled nursing services today!

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