Home Nursing Care, Therapy & Assistance for Seniors with Mobility Issues

One of the most common problems that accompany the aging process is how increasingly difficult it becomes to move around, perform daily tasks, and simply be mobile.

Many seniors have Mobility Issues due to disease, injuries from falling, and other various causes. Unfortunately, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors, according to the National Council on Aging, and even the fear of falling can cause seniors to limit their activities and social engagements. Although a severe fall or injury could affect people of all ages, seniors are more vulnerable to falling due to the side effects of aging (loss of balance, less muscle strength, overall fragility and even medication effects).

At Nursing Plus of Broward, we can help with fall prevention, rehabilitation, therapy, Skilled Nursing, and assistance with activities of daily living due to Mobility Issues from injuries, diseases, aging, and more.

You may be unsure which type of care is best suited for you or your loved one. This is where the medical professionals and health experts at Nursing Plus of Broward can help you and your family make important decisions about your healthcare or your loved one’s health care. We’ll also show you the numerous options and wellness related services we offer to allow patients with Mobility Issues to remain as independent as possible. We’ll work with your family, the patient’s physician, and caregivers to create a care plan that addresses the patient’s needs with increased safety, health, and functionality to improve their overall quality of life.

How Does Mobility Affect the Daily Needs of Your Loved One?

Simply stated, mobility includes much more than we realize. Mobility encompasses almost everything we do throughout the day: walking, twisting and turning, bending, using our arms and hands, moving our head around, and anything else that requires motor function. As a person ages (or suffers and injury or disease) sometimes even the simplest and most necessary movements can become difficult or impossible.

At Nursing Plus of Broward, we can help to:

  • Improve the functionality of living with Mobility Issues with both Physical and Occupational Therapies
  • Provide Physical Therapy for regaining strength, improved range of motion, and/or re-learning how to do things after an injury or Stroke
  • Provide Skilled Nursing care for wounds or injuries
  • Provide post-hospitalization care
  • Assist with daily tasks your loved one cannot do anymore with our experienced Home Health Aides
  • Prevent falls in the future
  • Provide guidance with finding the appropriate resources from governmental programs and in the local community with the help of our Medical Social Workers
  • Provide counseling services for feelings of frustration/depression/anxiety due to mobility problems, inability to do things as one once could, loneliness, and more

Having mobility issues doesn’t mean an end to independence or freedom. With the help of highly trained and educated medical care professionals, the struggles you and your loved one are having at home or the inability to move throughout the house properly can be resolved without having to give up independence.

How Can Therapy Help with Mobility Issues?

Our Physical and Occupational Therapists will come to your home and assess the environment to identify problem areas and improve function with modifications that will make daily tasks easier for seniors with Mobility Issues.

For example, recommending mobility aides to get your elderly loved one around more easily, such as,

  • Canes/walkers
  • Transfer boards to help slide out of bed more easily
  • Grab bars in the bathrooms
  • Swivel seats for getting in and out of the bathtub/shower
  • Risers (similar to booster chairs)
  • Wheelchairs (and home modifications for wheelchairs such as ramps, roll-in showers, raised toilets, etc.)

Additionally, we’ll help with Fall Prevention by evaluating all areas of the house and recommending modifications, such as,

  • Securely fastening all rugs
  • Enhancing lighting in all entrances and staircases
  • Installing grab bars in the bathrooms
  • Adding banisters next to all steps that don’t have them
  • Replacing stairs to the front door with a graduated slope
  • Making sure all tiles and adjoining floor surfaces are smooth
  • Clearing passageways from bed to bathroom and recommending clutter be removed throughout the home

Our Physical and Occupational Therapists also provide techniques and exercises for

  • Rehabilitation after an injury
  • Regaining strength
  • Improving range of motion
  • Re-learning how to do things after an Injury or suffering from a Stroke
  • Learning how to use new tools/devices to assist with mobility & daily tasks
  • Learning how to get around with new/permanent Mobility Issues
  • Overcoming disabilities with new techniques and modified home environments
  • Learning how to fall safely and get up from a fall to minimize fear of falling
  • And more

Contact Nursing Plus of Broward to learn all the ways we can assist with medical and non-medical home care in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding communities.

Home Health Aide Services for Daily Assistance with Mobility Issues

Our Home Health Aide Services offer a number of ways to assist those who are struggling with Mobility Issues. A few of these services are:

  • Assistance with errands or chores
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship / Communicating
  • Light House Cleaning
  • Dressing
  • Managing your finances
  • Moving
  • Sleeping
  • Toileting

These types of activities are called ADLs (activities of daily living). They vary based on the needs of the individual client.

What are Some of the Other Benefits of Having a Caregiver?

Our RNs, LPNs, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Medical Social Workers, and Home Health Aides do so much more than offer medical services and help with daily tasks that have become too difficult for you or your loved one.

They help to keep patients happy by offering the care they need to stay safely in their own homes. They keep them safe around their home and prevent further injury or accidents. They take care of the little things so that the patient can focus on getting better or adjusting to their circumstances. They provide a chance for family members who have been tasked with caring for their low mobility relative to have a break from the demanding responsibilities.

But most of all, they provide assurance and peace of mind, both to the patient themselves that they are going to be taken care of properly, as well as the family; knowing that the wellbeing of their loved one is in good hands. Getting older is rarely an easy thing, but with the proper care, there is no reason that it can’t be done with grace and dignity.

If you need a home health aide in Hollywood, FL or the nearby areas for an elderly loved one who is living alone at home and needs assistance, get in touch with the trusted home care providers at Nursing Plus of Broward. Contact us at 833-JFNURSE today to learn more.

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